About us

Our company Georgia Dream Tours   has over   experience serving both Georgian and foreign tourists coming into Georgia. We started tour operating all over Georgia for the Georgian tourists, Our company’s philosophy is simple – the tourists who come to us is coming to have a rest, get to know the treasures of Georgia and get the maximum pleasure. Our friendly and experienced team is trying, within its capabilities to assist our guests in all of these three objectives. Following feedback from our guests, we have succeeded well in the implementation of our understanding of appointment and service of tourists.
Our company always follows the development of modern technologies in tourism, as well as takes into account desires of our guests. Environmental issues and a friendly attitude to nature has always been and is a cornerstone of our company.
Our partners around the world are very highly valued our relationship to our guests, as well as our attitude to planning and designing of each subsequent tour. We always try the tourist who first time visits Georgia to became a friend of our company for many years.
Come and visit us in Georgia. Georgians believe that “the guest is by the Lord”. We try to maintain this tradition

Georgia Dream Tours LTD is a tourist company specializing in the Republic of Georgia. We offer holiday and educational tours as well as business trips. Our company can also tailor tours to a traveler’s personal tastes.
The following tours may be considered:
• Culture, architecture and archaeology touring with inclusive features
• Adventure travel, trekking, off-road driving, rafting, fishing, horseback riding and bird watching for personal enjoyment
• Touring that includes visits to all three Caucasian countries: Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as Georgia
• Unique day trips.

We provide the following services in Georgia:
• Travel insurance and visa services
• Hotel reservations in Tbilisi and elsewhere in Georgia
• Airport and other transfers; VIP service; security service; transportation, and car rental
• Guides (English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian etc.)
• Business travel assistance
• Medical service
• Tickets for cinema, theatre, exhibitions and concerts
• Reservations for restaurants
• Conference, festival and event management
We can also provide visa services for travel to destinations other than Georgia, such as Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Finally,  Georgia Dream Tours LTD offers special discounts to corporate clients.

We take pride in offering personalized services that are efficient while providing the flexibility each traveler or group needs.

Our Team

Saber Ishak

Georgia, Tbilisi

Owner and General Manager

Nino Soitashvili

Georgia, Tbilisi

General Manager

George Ishak

Tbilisi, Georgia

Media Associate

Irma Chokheli

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tours Manager